New stuff in Khan Wars X!


Hello dear players,

Some cool new stuff is already live in Khan Wars X!

In the worlds where the Guilds are active you can find the newest game feature the GUILD HELP! For now these are the worlds 38, 25, 26 and 27. Next week we continue with 28!

1) GUILD HELP - this is a brand new feature designed for those who are playing in guilds. By helping each other they will reduce the time needed to complete building constructions or unit upgrades!

Aside from this we are continuing to update the HELP SECTION in the game!

2) A few more info pages are live

Guilds - We've tried to summarize almost everything related to this new game line

Units and Upgrades - Finally every player can check the stats and the cost/time/requirements of each unit

Skills - Every skill in the game has detailed explanation for a better understanding

As usually the new info pages are accessible through the following path Options > Gameplay > Info OR via all Info buttons placed in the game (for example in the barracks next to each unit there is an Info button which transfers you to the corresponding info page for the chosen unit)

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